aesthetics illustrated Hybrids
The collection HYBRIDS is our first clothing collection, that was presented on 09.06.2016 in Belgrade as part of BAFE- Balkan Art and Fashion Event.
HYBRIDS is a collection made under the concept of hybridization borrowed from the magical myths, conjured with moths. The collection is inspired by the limitless fantasies of the human, collected under the name Mythology. The concept of the collection follows the creative spirit of hybridization that the myths have. Mythological hybrids are created with merging creatures of all kinds. Those creatures appear to be with many heads, tongues, with animal copses, or even corpless... Part of the research and inspiration we found in the moths which affected the color card, the choice of materials - vinyl and transparent soft plastic, the use of ecological fur as texture and affected on the makeup and the hairstyle of the runway show. The inspiration comes from The Earth, but the collection is catapulted in the utopia of the future of the whole galaxy.It can be said that the pieces of this collection are created under a concept which tends towards conceptual representation, blurring the line between fashion and art.
Balkan Art Fashion Event - BAFE is an alternative fashion event, held for the fourth year in a row, twice a year in spring and autumn.The main idea of the event is to promote primarily the home, and then the regional fashion scene and to give a chance to young, not affirmed designers to show their talent to the expert, as well as the general public. Special attention is pointed into helping the development of those authors who fashion and clothing do not realize just as an industry, but also as a form of artistic expression, a performance that takes place just on the catwalk and on the street.
Because of these reasons we think that BAFE is the art and fashion event was the right event for displaying the collections HYBRIDS.